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Doors of London I. / Londynske dvere I.

As I walk around London searching for new filming locations, I knock at lots and lots of doors.  Old, new, pretty, ugly, boring, interesting, weird, quirky.. you name it! I decided to snap a pic of the interesting ones (or their knockers) and share them with you. Here goes the first one, from last week walk

Pri svych toulkach Londynem hledajic nove lokality pro filmare, klepu na hodne dveri. Dvere nove, stare, hezke, osklive, nudne, zajimave, podivne i vystredni.. co si jen vzpomenete! Rozhodla jsem se ty zajimave fotit (nebo jejich klepadla) a sdilet s vami. Tady mate prvni, z prochazky minuly tyden

Door I.