Good stuff – Shepherd’s pie – Pastyrsky kolac

With the autumn chill creeping in, the time has come for warm, comforting food. One of my favourite autumn/winter dinners is the shepherd’s pie (and cottage pie).

These pies are made of meat base topped with mashed potatoes. Shepherd’s pie is made with minced lamb meat and cottage pie with minced beef. The meat is cooked with vegetables likes carrots, celery or peas, with chopped tomatoes and Worcestershire sauce. After cooking the mixture is put in a baking form, topped with mashed potatoes and baked until the mash gets crispy on the top. Perfect on a cold winter night! The many recipes you can find online have all slight differences, probably like Czech goulash. Here is a link to one of my favorite cooking websites:

Cumberland pie is a similar dish, only with breadcrumbs on the top. Another delicious pie is fish pie, yum, I’ll write about that one as soon as I cook it!

On the pictures is my very own shepherd’s pie, cooked today, first time in my life 🙂 (if you think the top is a bit dark…well, it is, as I burned it! The recipe said ‘put under the grill to get the crispy crust..but it didn’t say to put it there for one minute only :D)

Shepherd's pie

S prichazejicim podzimnim chladem zacina cas teplych, jak rikaji Anglicane – utesujicich, veceri. Jednim z mych oblibnych podzimnich/zimnich jidel je shepherd’s pie = pastyrsky kolac, paj a cottage pie (cottage byla skromna chaloupka farmaru).

Tyto kolace tvori zaklad z masa prikryty vrstvou bramborove kase. Shepherd’s pie je ze skopoveho mleteho masa a cottage pie je z mleteho hoveziho. Maso se vari se zeleninou jako mrkev, celer nebo hrasek, s rajcaty a Worcestrovou omackou. Po uvareni se smes naleje do zapekaci formy, navrch rozetreme kasi  a dame zapect do krupava. Skvele na studeny zimni vecer! Na netu je spousta variaci na zakladni recept, asi jako na nas gulas. Tady je odkaz na klasicky recept z jedne z mych oblibenych kucharskych web stranek:

Cumberland pie je podobny pokrm, pouze na vrsek se dava strouhanka. Dalsim vynikajim kolacem je fish pie – rybi. Mnam! Ale o tom vam napisu az ho budu varit!

A na fotkach je muj vlastni Shepherd’s pie, uvareny dnes, poprve v zivote 🙂 Jestli se vam zda, ze je vrsek trochu tmavy… tak je, protoze jsem ho pripalila! Recept rika, pro krupavou kurcicku dat na gril. Ovsem nepsalo se tam, ze jen na minutu 😀

Shepherd's pie


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