Kvetinovy trh v Kolumbijske ulici – Columbia road flower market

Kazdou nedeli oziva v londynskem East Endu pres tyden ticha Kolumbijska ulice nespocetnym mnozstvim stanku s kvetinami vsech moznych barev, velikosti a druhu, za slunecneho i destiveho pocasi. Krom kvetinovych stanku jsou tu take male obchudky v domech z viktorianske doby z vetsi casti pres tyden zavrene, ale v nedeli praskajici ve svech pod naporem mistnich a mnoha turistu. Prodavaji vse mozne, od zahradnickeho nacini pres vintage obleceni, po designersky nabytek nebo sperky. Skvelou atmosferu trhu podkresluji poulicni muzikanti a hlavne trhovci vykrikujici klasicke ‘Everything for a fiver’ a  ‘What a bargain!’ tedy ‘Vse za petku’ a ‘Skvela koupe!’ a dalsi. Vsichni se (alespon mne to tak pripada) pritom skvele bavi.

Kliknete na fotky pro vetsi nahled!

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During the week quiet Columbia street in London’s East End comes alive every Sunday, rain or shine, with stalls offering endless amount of plants of all possible colors, sizes and types. There are also small shops in pretty Victorian houses, most of them closed during the week, but bursting at the seams with locals and many tourists on Sundays, selling everything from vintage clothes to gardening tools and designer furniture or jewellery. The great atmosphere of the market is accentuated by buskers and most of all by hawkers shouting loudly classical ‘Everything for a fiver!’, ‘What a bargain!’ and more. Everyone seems to be enjoying this.

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