Introducing ‘Phrase of the week’ – ‘Fraze tydne’

Hi guys,

I decided to create a weekly category – a phrase of the week. English language is full of interesting idioms, phrases and sayings, some of them are same as in Czech language but some are totally different. So I thought, I’ll pay some attention to them – explain one of them every week. English readers will know the meaning of them of course, but to make the reading bit more interesting, I’ll try to dig into the history of the phrase and give some information about it too. And if the phrase exists in Czech too but with different words, I’ll include translation of the Czech to English!

Ahoj lidi,

rozhodla jsem se zalozit tydenni kategorii – fraze tydne. Anglicky jazyk je plny zajimavych frazi, idiomu a rceni, nektere jsou stejne jako ty nase ceske ale jine jsou dost odlisne. Tak jsem se rozhodla venovat jim trochu casu – kazdy tyden jednu vysvetlim. Anglicti ctenari budou samozrejme vyznam znat, ale abych udelala cteni zajimavejsi, rozhodla jsem se povrtat se trochu v historii dane fraze a zjistene informace pridat.

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